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In just 4 simple steps you can create a robust, affordable and easy to manage media sharing solution to broadcast your content to customers around the world.
  1. Choose the plan , which best fits your business requirements.
  2. Signup by providing required information. The system will create your account and allocate storage according to your preferences. Your business will receive 2 unique URLs for customer access:
  ·  http://yourcompany.zhub.com(non-secure)
  ·  https://yourcompany.zhub.com(secure)
  3. Upload your content (files and optional thumbnails (*2)). Additional content can be added at any time.
  ·  Upload file
  ·  Upload thumbnail (optional)(*3)
  ·  Upload Metadata (optional)(*4)
  4. Enter your business data (which you want your customers to see) such as logo, about us, contact us, terms of services, etc.
Finally: Your media cloud website is completed!

(*1)YouTube® is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
(*2 *3)First frame will be automatically captured as thumbnail after the file is uploaded.
(*4)If metadata is not provided, click next then file name will be used as metadata.

Brief description

zHUBCloud® is a cloud-based media management and streaming service provided by zHUB®. Our solutionis the easiest and most cost-effective way to establish private media presence for your business. It is designed to address the needs of small and medium businesses and organizations looking to publish and stream their media content over Internet cost effectively and securely. 

zHUBCloud is user-friendly and allows you to create account and upload content for sharing in minutes. No technical expertise or IT involvement is required!

We can also stream and re-stream third-party media such as podcasts, internet radio and TV broadcasting.


Our cloud-basedsolution consists of three major components:
  · Cloud streaming/broadcasting infrastructure
  · Media content management system
  · Media Library management interface


We offer flexible Cloud-based Content Management and Streaming Solution with three packages tailored to fit all of your business needs.

  • Basic -- Basic package is a solution allowing to create limited but fully featured media library for a fraction of cost of comparable solutions. With basic package you will receive unlimited media traffic streaming bandwidth per month and 10GB of storage capacity.

  • Power -- Power package is our most popular solution. Power package enables you to create your own cloud-based media library with unlimited media traffic per month and 30GB of storage capacity.

  • Power Plus -- Our Power Plus package is a premium solution providing unlimited streaming bandwidth and 60GB storage capacity. Live technical support is available by demand.

  • Custom – Our tailor made custom solution, which precisely fits to your business requirements. Once, client`s cloud is growing, it is easy to upgrade package to next level.

  • Broadcast Channel – is an addon feature to any plan.